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New logo for popular conversational Q&A service. Also exists as an iPhone/Mac icon.


We’ve been working with SimpleGeo team since beginning.

We designed the logo and overall brand imagery. The style can be best described as hyper-realistic and juicy. Made with great attention to details.

Continuity Control

Branding for the family of web applications. We developed the brand concept and visualized it as logos for company’s core applications and third-party apps based on Continuity platform.


Our team was chosen to define the style and create the icon family for this new to market, but very ambitious startup.

We’ve designed more than twenty icons and still working on new ones.


Icons created by us have become the key element in GNIP’s brand imagery. On these three icon we’ve visualized the process of how the website works.


Logo redesign for small but handy Mac application to listening to radio online.


Logo design for innovative social tool for the Music industry.


Logo design for mobile app that presents government services in more usable way.


We designed the logo and app icons for Mac and iPhone. Graphicly is a new but promising startup for comics lovers.


Logo for Express iPhone app.

Hello Sherpa

Nice character for web application.


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SFCD is a mobile app development company based in New York.

User experience design

Information architecture, wireframing, and interaction design.

Visual interface and icon design

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